Intergenerational digital workshops are organized at the Roca Umbert Library TIC Point in Granollers, one of them on educational robotics. We invite you to learn about the project!

This educational robotics course is open to everyone and is an approach to the simplest programming through building a robot in a simple way. "The main benefit of a project like this is that you can work on quite complicated concepts within the logic behind the programming, but in a very simple context. This robot uses two sensors and two motors to move on a surface and follow a line ", explains Jeppe Rasmussen , professor of educational robotics.

Marta Fontseca , head of the ICT Point at the Umbert Roca Library in Granollers , explains that it is very difficult for the adult public to find free training throughout the territory, and she says that it is working very well. For several years now, the accessibility of electronics has become evident and society in general is more open to the subject, given that more and more of our day-to-day lives are based on technology. This is corroborated by Jordi Puig , one of the participants in this robotics course, who states that he found the workshop interesting because it gave him the possibility to learn a new programming language, which he did not yet know.

To take this course, the TIC Point explains that you don't need to know how to program, just a desire and motivation to learn new computer tools to apply them in everyday life. A way to learn to adapt to the world that is coming to us.