Cinto Niqui, director of RTVE's Altra Ràdio on audiovisual culture and ethical technology, explains his Communication and Dissemination Award on the occasion of the 27th Telecommunications and Computing Night.

Talk to the director of 'L'altra ràdio' on Ràdio 4, Cinto Niqui , has been awarded the Communication and Dissemination Prize on the occasion of the 27th Night of Telecommunications and Computers, organized by the Catalan Association of 'Telecommunication Engineering and Digital Technologies ( and the Catalan College of Computer Engineering.

With more than 42 programs behind it, Altra Ràdio is an RTVE program in Catalonia that talks about audiovisual culture made in Catalan with some thirty specialists and entities , among which is the Colectic entity that manages the ICT point Òmnia del Raval. The program has a specific section on ethical technology that motivates to publicize social technology projects. “Technology is a big business, and having criteria is very necessary,” explains Cinto Niqui.