The podcast 'Unique Days in Unique Universities' of the UOC eLearning Innovation Center (eLinC) reproduces conversations between specialists from this university and others around the world in unique locations.

Image podcasting
Image podcasting. 2019. Font: Pixabay. License: BY-SA.

eLinC is the educational innovation center of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), which acts as a radar and beacon of educational trends and uniqueness, with a special focus on innovation in education . With the aim of sharing this knowledge and reflecting with other unique educational institutions from around the world, the eLinC podcast, Unique Days in Unique Universities , was born to talk about the present and future of education and share innovative experiences to transform education. The first three chapters are available on Spotify , iTunes , Ivoox and Amazon Music .

The conversations analyze various aspects of higher education today, project it towards the future and provide ideas for reflection. The first chapter takes place at the Design Hub in Barcelona . Sílvia Sivera, director of eLinC, Míldred Guinart , director of Generation and Transfer of Knowledge at eLinC and Carlos Fosca will take part. The second chapter takes place at the Picasso Museum . It's called "Cubist waves of creative destruction in the university" , and Guillem Garcia Brustenga , from eLinC, Àngels Fitó and Jon Altuna , vice-chancellors of the UOC and the University of Mondragón, will take part, guided by Reyes Jiménez , head of the Department of Restoration and Preventive Conservation of the museum.

Finally, the third chapter takes place at the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC) , with the title "A journey of 100 years until the digital transformation". Pastora Martínez , vice-chancellor of Globalization and Cooperation at the UOC, and Xavier Prats Monné , adviser to various organizations, will take part, accompanied by Roser Bifet, head of Public and Marketing.