Julio Zino a la trobada de Robòtica i Presó de 2015
Julio Zino a la trobada de Robòtica i Presó de 2015. Author: Oficina Tècnica de la Xarxa Punt TIC. 2015. License: BY-NC-SA.

On April 27 there will be a new edition of Dialogues Science, Technology and Knowledge of the Barcelona Athenaeum . Serrano at 19.00 in room Segarra. This time, the dialogue will be led by Julio Zino, a benchmark in terms of using technology in prisons as a tool to improve their internal and inclusion in society.

Julio Zino is anthropologist and associate professor at the University of Barcelona, specializing in organizational processes and cultural transmission. Work correctional services as coordinator of programs promoting the use of ICT in prisons.

The dialogue will be broadcast by streaming. In addition, ICT stakeholders point you can connect to the session via videoconference . The latter option being implemented now and make a special appeal to Punt TIC to join them. There will be a number of organizations and institutions that will be associated with this project and where they can participate via videoconference. They consider Punt TIC spaces are ideal for this and dialogue with Julio Zino a good time to start.

You could gather a group of participants at the Punt TIC follow the debate streaming and have your say by making a direct connection. We find interesting? If so, please contact the Technical Office of the ICT Network Point. oficina.tecnica [at] punttic.cat - 902 365 209.