The Gender Perspective Group of the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication creates an online game to support the Catalan Science 2.0 exhibition. and make visible the research, activities and actions carried out by or for women and girls in science.

Jos online about Catalan scientists
Jos online about Catalan scientists. 2023. Font: Catalan Association of Scientific Communication. License: BY-SA.

The "Científiques catalanes 2.0" exhibition was born in 2020 promoted by the Gender Perspective Group of the ACCC to give greater visibility to the strategic role of women scientists in our territory, who care about communicating science in order to contribute to create and disseminate female roles and models, especially in the fields of science and engineering.

Thus, the objective of the exhibition is to highlight the fundamental role of women in the advancement of science in society, highlighting some scientists from our closest environment, the Catalan territory. Here you can download the contents, which have profiles of 24 leading researchers from various STEAM disciplines and scientific dissemination.

In this way, with the online game we want to make known the women who are part of the exhibition and normalize their figure in the Catalan scientific panorama. From the pair game, to some crossword puzzles, through an activity that asks to join the researchers with their areas of expertise with arrows. The resolution of each activity gives rise to the next one in order to advance in the route and complete it. You can play it here .