The DonaTIC Awards are part of the DonaTIC Plan promoted by the Vice-Presidency of the Government with the priority objective of increasing the presence and leadership of women in the digital field. Nominations for the eight categories and two subcategories of the awards can be submitted until May 23rd.

DonaTIC Awards 2022
DonaTIC Awards 2022.

The Department of the Vice-Presidency and Digital and Territorial Policies has launched the eighth call for the DonaTIC Awards , which have the dual aim of recognizing the fundamental role of women in the professional, business and academic world of new technologies. , and to offer references to young girls and women to encourage them to study and, in the future, to work in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Applications can be submitted from tomorrow until May 23. They are divided into eight categories and two subcategories:

Entrepreneur : woman founder or co-founder of a company active in the ICT sector or who has carried out innovations in the family business as an intrapreneur.

Entrepreneur : a woman who has consolidated a company in the field of ICT.

Professional : a woman who works in the field of ICT (for a company, organization or on her own) and who has a university degree in ICT.

Academic / Researcher : a woman who is dedicated to training and / or research in the field of ICT and who is in possession of a university degree in ICT.

Disseminator : a woman who works in the field of communication or who has carried out outreach activities related to ICT.

Revelation : a woman with a very relevant short career and a significant and remarkable role in the field of ICT.

ICT student (divided into University and Vocational Training): students (enrolled at the time of the call for the Awards) of any university degree or vocational training cycle in the field of ICT who have developed a project and / or outstanding initiative in this field. scope.

• Reference initiatives (divided into Business and Entity, training center / institution): company, chief executive, team, entity and / or training center / institution that has developed its own initiative that highlights the role of the women in the field of ICT with the desire to combat the gender gap.

The candidacies presented will be evaluated by a jury made up of professionals from the prestigious technological sector, both from the academic world, as well as from business, institutional and associative. The jury will have a technical committee, which will evaluate the nominations and select a maximum of six semifinalists. The categories of the DonaTIC Awards 2022 Nominations can be proposed by the same candidate or by any other person or institution in these eight categories and two subcategories, which are exclusive (each candidate can only be one category).

Once again, the awards ceremony for the DonaTIC 2022 Awards will coincide with Ada Lovelace Day , which is celebrated on the second Tuesday in October each year in recognition of being the first programmer in history. Therefore, the DonaTIC 2022 Awards ceremony will take place on 11 October.

Various entities and companies have been added as collaborators

The incorporation as collaborators of a series of entities and companies linked to the field of ICT from different aspects (business, academic, institutional ...) is the main novelty of the eighth call, where some of the candidacies will have the opportunity to qualify for special mentions and awards. These are Netmentora Catalunya , Hewlett Packard (HP) , the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya , the Catalan Cybersecurity Agency , the NewSpace Strategy of Catalonia .

The DonaTIC Awards are part of the DonaTIC Plan, the strategic plan promoted by Digital Policies with the priority objective of increasing the presence, empowerment and leadership of women in the digital field. Since its first edition, in 2015, the DonaTIC Awards have received a total of 541 nominations and have established themselves as a benchmark in the recognition and dissemination of the role and talent of women in the field of technology. More information on the rules and registration for the 2022 DonaTIC Awards at this link.