New challenge of d-LAB: Empowering women in the technology industry
New challenge of d-LAB: Empowering women in the technology industry. Author: d-LAB. License: All rights reserved.

d-LAB is a program of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council. It looks for answers to social challenges and does so through calls to find solutions. The objective of the program is to have a positive impact on society by promoting digital transformation and disseminating successful initiatives, focusing on the correlation between technological innovation and social impact .

Until May 30, the challenge is "Empowering women in the technology industry", which seeks to find ways to encourage, encourage and support more girls and women to study, work and grow professionally in areas related to technology . Thus, it looks for projects and digital solutions that have proven to contribute to the reduction of the gender gap within the technology industry and that can be reproducible and scalable.

Proposals may be submitted until May 30, at 5:00 p.m. A maximum of two winning proposals will be selected, which will result in the implementation of two collaborations between different actors. The implementation of two pilot projects will also be promoted, where the technology and the social impact of the proposal will be validated.

For more information, you can consult the bases of the call.