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"Mixtura", a new community of social innovation in Salt

Posted on 27/09/2019
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Imatge per il·lustrar el projecte “Mixtura”, la nova comunitat d’emprenedoria social a Salt
Imatge per il·lustrar el projecte “Mixtura”, la nova comunitat d’emprenedoria social a Salt, for Pexels. 2019. Licence: BY-SA

"Mixtura" is the new tool to boost the active community of people committed to social transformation in Salt to position the municipality as a reference in social innovation . It is promoted by the cultural association Azahara with the collaboration of the Obra Social La Caixa and the City Council of Salt.

The main objective of the platform is p romoure social entrepreneurship and accompany the process of creating new social economy projects to innovate in the management of cultural diversity and cohesion Salt.

The schedule of activities includes talks , conferences , training capsules and a program to accompany new projects with experts and referents in the world of social activism both national and international that revolutionize the way of managing the coexistence and diversity of the territory to become a reference in social innovation and coexistence.

More than a dozen activities that want to generate a community of people with an interest in social entrepreneurship in Salt , but above all to inspire action.

In addition, "Mixtura" initiates a parallel program of accompaniment to projects of social and solidarity economy that innovate in the management of diversity, offering them a mentoring program and technical support.

Through this video you can get to know and deepen the project.

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