The ICT Point La Terreta - Casal dels Voltors organizes an information session to learn about the use of various digital identity services to make it easier to start procedures and management with the Public Administration. It will be on March 8 at 11 a.m.

Banner procedures with the Administration
Banner procedures with the Administration. License: BY-NC-SA.

The Generalitat de Catalunya has different digital identity services so that citizens can relate more easily with the Administration. All these services use the idCAT brand (digital identity of Catalonia). People can request two identification services and, depending on the type of procedure, they can use one or both of them. They are idCAT Mobile and idCAT Certificat

  • idCAT Mobile : a digital identification system based on sending one-time passwords to the mobile phone. Citizens must be over 16 years old to apply for this identification system, for more information see how to register .
  • idCAT Certificate : it is the system based on a digital certificate in software. This system can only be requested in person, as it requires checking the identity of the citizen on site . Website of the idCAT digital certificate

The La Terreta - Casal dels Voltors TIC Point of the Tremp City Council is promoting a face-to-face session on March 8 at 11 a.m. to learn about and learn the differences between these two procedures. Registrations can be made at or at 601905652. You must bring your ID, health card or have an email address to participate in the session.