Josuè Sallent, director de la Fundació TIC Salut Social
Josuè Sallent, director de la Fundació TIC Salut Social. Author: Fundació TIC Salut Social. 2018. License: All rights reserved.

In July 2018, the Board of Trustees of the TIC Social Health Foundation called Josué Sallent new director of the Foundation. He is a Doctor of Physics from the University of Barcelona. It comes from the i2CAT Foundation , an entity that participated in the development and implementation of 5 G technology, essential for the evolution of the Internet of Things , Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 . He directed the strategy and innovation of the Telecommunications and Information Technology Center (CTTI) and, previously, he was the General Director of the Information Society of the Generalitat de Catalunya (2006-2010), director of the Observatory Foundation for to the Information Society of Catalonia (FOBSIC, 2009-2011) and professor at the Pompeu Fabra University (2004-2011).

The Barcelona Black Coffee talk show is led by Tomàs Cascante , editor of BARCELONADOT with the participation of Xavier Azemar , director of the CISCO Co-Innovation Center in Barcelona; Jesús Soler , lawyer specialized in technology rights and data protection; in Carles Martín, editor of Tecnonews and in Martí Manent , CEO of .

Sallent addresses different issues such as the low level of training of healthcare professionals in relation to ICTs and the resistance to changing their health system, the treatment of chronic diseases and how the new technologies and the most important Apps can help.

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