Tabú. Tu tries què t'hi jugues!
Tabú. Tu tries què t'hi jugues!. Author: ICD.

The Catalan Women's Institute (ICD), the General Directorate of Youth (DGJ), La Bonne and the Candela Association presented Tabú. You choose what you play! , a game of prevention of sexual violence with young people. It offer an exhibition that has an interactive reading thanks to a mobile application. Young people take a journey through the exhibition that encourages them to reflect on different issues surrounding the manifestations of sexual violence.

The project has a pedagogical guide for professionals that will facilitate the work of teachers. It presents three physical murals distributed by the educational center or young space, which are visited in groups and that give access, through a QR code, to three routes or situations that young people will solve with the mobile. When the game ends the groups share their experiences.

The activity is designed for groups of young people between 13 and 18 years of age. It is structured in six sessions, one per week, therefore, it is a proposal that is developed over six weeks.

"Taboo. You choose what you play!" was presented on July 6 and will begin to be implemented during the 2017-2018 course. In the months of September and October there will be several piloting of the game. The IES and spaces of young people who are interested in participating in the pilot tests can contact Joana Martínez Montabes: jmartinezmontabes [arroba] Once tested, it will enter the loan service in November or December.