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How to contact the IT support service?

Posted on 15/04/2019
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Els Punt TIC compten amb un servei de suport informàtic, for Pixaline (Pixabay)

The dinamizadores and dinamizadores of the Network Punt TIC, besides counting on the support and accompaniment of the Office of Dynamization, have the option to contact with a service of computer science support, that will help them to solve the possible technical difficulties that is Find in the management of your Punt TIC.

The contact information of the computer support service (SAU) are the following:

  • The contact telephone number for incidences of the Punt TIC Network is 902 88 44 88 and later code 112 must be followed.
  • The email address is sau.tic [arroba] gencat.cat.

This service is available to the ITC Points that have updated their hardware between 2018 and 2019. The rest of the centers do not have the support of the SAU, but they can request pedagogical advice and software in the Office of Excellence of the Punt TIC Network.