Are you the co-founder or CEO of a tech startup ? Are you looking for funding to grow? On February 5, the III Investment Forum for Women Entrepreneurs will be held, created by K eiretsu Forum in conjunction with the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

II Fòrum d'Inversió de Dones Emprenedores
II Fòrum d'Inversió de Dones Emprenedores. Author: Keiretsu Forum. License: All rights reserved.

Those startups that want to participate must meet the following requirements : Have a female entrepreneur who is a founder or partner, be a technology company with a multisector profile , where technology is the key value of the business, or work with disruptive technologies .

Particularly valuable will be those startups that generate technology , or that are relevant in the business value chain, that is:

  • Companies seeking an investment of € 50,000 to € 500,000, either in capital or loans.
  • Company value below € 2.5M
  • Companies already formed, although they do not necessarily have to have previous funding rounds
  • Team made up of more than one person
  • Invoicing or in the marketing phase

The Third Investment Forum for Women Entrepreneurs will take place on Wednesday , February 5 in EVERIS LIVING LAB (Carrer de Pedro i Pons, 6, 08034 Barcelona). Interested companies must formalize the proposal using the following form , and when completed, they must send it by email to

As a result of this first evaluation, 8-10 companies will be selected to be presented to the Selection Committee (Deal Screening). Those who are selected for the Forum will enjoy preparation workshops .

For more information on the selection process and workshops, you can visit this website.