Fundació.cat offers 3,000 grants for teaching staff in Catalan-speaking territories so that their students can learn to develop web projects.

Image 2022. Font: Foundation.CAT.

If you are dedicated to teaching and have an educational project that needs a website, the Fundació.cat will give you a free domain and hosting for one year. The Dotació.cat project is aimed at all teachers in Catalan-speaking territories who need to create web projects as part of their educational program and promote the presence of Catalan on the internet .

A world open to web programming

The Fundació.cat offers a total of 3,000 grants that teaching staff in Catalan-speaking territories can request for students in the last cycle of Primary (5th and 6th), ESO, Baccalaureate, Middle and Higher Training Cycles and special training for adults and enjoy a comprehensive learning of a web project.

This action is possible thanks to the support of DonDominio , Dinahosting and Nominalia , who offer their infrastructure, free and web hosting for a year so that teachers and students who wish to can realize their web projects .

The requirements to apply for the grant are:

  • To be a teacher in a center in the Catalan-speaking territories
  • Provide an email linked to the educational system (example,, etc) or to the center (we need this to validate the teaching staff)
  • Ask for funding for websites for educational purposes only
  • Register a newly created domain that does not affect registered trademarks

Applications can be made throughout the academic year or until the existing ones are exhausted and through this link .