Punt Òmnia Associació de Veïns el Xup de Manresa
Punt Òmnia Associació de Veïns el Xup de Manresa. Author: Xarxa Òmnia. License: All rights reserved.

The Òmnia program dates back to 1999. The Generalitat launched the program to give access to new technologies for all and create "a community-based preventative socio-educational and direct action program that seeks to universalize Access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) ". Nowadays, there are more than 115 OMBON points distributed throughout Catalonia. This year, the Network celebrates 20 years to celebrate it, set up a participatory process to rethink the project.

The first face- to- face session of the new participatory processes will be held on July 9th from 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Punt Òmnia Neighbors Association, the Xup de Manresa.

Participants, facilitators, as well as the members of organizations, associations and, ultimately, anyone who wishes, will be found at the Civic Center of Father Ignasi Puig de Manresa (Father Ignasi Puig, 18, 08241, Manresa ) to speak and debate about the use of the Òmnia Network .

The topics planned for the debate are the following:

  • The lines of work of the Òmnia program
  • The role of Omnia program actors
  • The methodology of community intervention and networking
  • How to promote social inclusion through ICT? How to participate?

You can also participate in a virtual way by connecting to participa.gencat.cat .