From February 1 to 11, every day we have made a publication on our social media of the figure of women that have been relevant throughout the history of science, women like Marie Curie, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Erna Shneider Hoover, Among others, they have been women who did not have it easy in their time and who fought to make their work known.

We have also made a video to highlight the importance of the participation of girls in all disciplines, especially in science and technology. And to achieve the maximum possible diffusion, a radio program will be broadcast on Plana Radio, Santa Bárbara municipal station, with content related to the Day of Women and Girls in Science.

In all the activities of the Smartcentre, we work and promote to achieve the maximum parity of our participants, in children and in adulthood, this parity occurs almost without realizing it, but in adolescence, it costs more than girls show interest in scientific and technological activities. The lack of female role models and references in these fields, makes them look preferentially towards other disciplines. Girls and girls must be visualized and empowered to avoid this loss of interest.