Imatge per a il·lustrar la notícia sobre la tercera convocatòria Wifi4EU
Imatge per a il·lustrar la notícia sobre la tercera convocatòria Wifi4EU. Author: Pexels. 2018. License: BY-SA.

This third Wifi4EU call is scheduled for Thursday , September 19 at 1:00 p.m. It will have a budget of 26.7 million euros distributed in bonds of 15,000 euros. At the last call, more than 3,400 municipalities were benefited.

The goal is that any public space -museums, places, hospitals, official rooms- offers free Wi-Fi quality . As indicated in the European provision, by 2020, and in accordance with the objectives of the Digital Agenda, all Europeans, wherever they live, must have access to quality Internet - a minimum of 30Mb - and, 50% of the population, internet access with a bandwidth exceeding 100 MB.

The grants will be distributed according to the same criterion as in the previous calls with the methodology "First in, First served" : the first ones that press the button will be the beneficiaries. The Commission has published a list where you can see the eligible municipalities / entities that can be consulted here .

The municipalities that represent a city council of Catalonia and want to integrate a quality Wi-Fi service in their municipalities, you must fill out this form . Those who are subsidized will have to assume the cost of connecting to the Internet for a minimum of 3 years and can use it to install a new municipal network , upgrade the existing municipal network equipment or extend one existing municipal network .

For more information, you can contact the program through this link .