It is a project of the Esplai Foundation to improve the knowledge and employability of young people. This year celebrates its seventh edition and is aimed at the young people of Barcelona and El Prat de Llobregat.

Young people from the EnfocaT project
Young people from the EnfocaT project. Font: Esplai Foundation. License: BY-SA.

The EnfocaT project is an employability-oriented training program of the Esplai Foundation. It was born in 2015 and consists of a program aimed at promoting the employability of young people in the sector of technological companies to promote the meeting between these companies and young people looking for work in the field of programming, reorienting (reskilling) or completing (upskilling) their professional profiles through free Coding Bootcamps in Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, IA & ML, training in BI, QA/***Testing, etc.

Since 2015, the program has had an impact of 1,257 trained people and a total of 67 % of employment in the IT sector which helps alleviate youth unemployment and the need to hire technology companies. This seventh year, the EnfocaT project will be developed in Barcelona and El Prat del Llobregat , and proposes the training of more than 300 young people between the ages of 20 and 29 , with an insertion target of 70%. The program currently offers training in other cities in the Spanish territory.

Programming bootcamps to master technological skills

A coding bootcamp, or programming bootcamp, is an educational organization that offers intensive practical programs in a short period of time, which train people to master technological skills in high demand in the market, mainly: web application programming . EnfocaT works with this learning methodology so that young people can learn different programming languages demanded by the technology sector and offer tools and support when accessing the labor market.

Throughout 2023, it is planned to carry out fifteen training courses . If you are young and want to work in the technology sector, you can register through this link and find out about the next training available. For questions or clarifications, you can call 627 96 63 13 or write to .