ECO-MEDIA is a Sant Feliu Film Office program with the collaboration of the Punt TIC Sant Feliu Innova that offers inclusive training in audiovisual creation and media for young people. We present the project in this video!

The program is born from the MKT Space cooperative and the Co-Innova program that manages the Sant Feliu TIC Point. It is proposed as a training course in the audiovisual sector for young people between 16 and 24 years old , from the city and the region, outside the school system. "We want to give tools to people who are outside the education system, teaching all the stages of an audiovisual process", explains BiiVisual , project coordinator.

The purpose is that they can learn first-hand, on the one hand, how the audiovisual sector is structured and which are the main job branches in which they can be trained to end up working there and, on the other hand, the basic theoretical foundations - audiovisual practices. The project also has internships in companies . "I always wanted to dedicate myself to the artistic world, but the arts high school didn't work out for me. What I like most is photography, video editing and screenwriting. If we can dream, we dream! I wish I could be a director," explains Tomás , one of the participants.