Training in digital social innovation
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The training will take advantage of the training materials designed as part of a pilot test promoted by the Generalitat in 2021, in collaboration with the i2CAT Foundation. During this pilot, a community of practice managed by TecnoCampus and formed by the technicians and technicians of established innovation labs such as CoBoiLab, CoEbreLab, CoInnova Sant Feliu and Citilab, shared their experience and knowledge with the aim of co-creating content. training in digital social innovation. Some of these laboratories are the result of the evolution of certain ICT Point from digital literacy and inclusion to digital social innovation.

An information session in webinar format was held on Tuesday, March 29, at 10 a.m. , where all the details of the course were explained, given by Angela Herrera from Punt TIC CoBoiLab and Ricard Benítez, from the Secretariat of Digital Policies. . You can find the session at this link .

How is the course structured?

The course, of 110 teaching hours and with a theoretical-practical and semi-face-to-face format. This year, it is organized in 5 training modules and more than 80 hours of autonomous (asynchronous) student work , through the TecnoCampus virtual training platform . The training is carried out through a horizontal, participatory learning methodology , based on collaborative work , for challenges, of training staff and students. The Foundation will exercise the pedagogical coordination of the training to guarantee its coherence and a common thread.

The contents have been elaborated thanks to the collaborative work of different experts, who put their experience and knowledge at the disposal of technicians of local administrations and of entities linked to the Xarxa Punt TIC who are interested in it. The registration period ends on March 31 . Training will begin on April 8 and end in late June . The distribution of time by students is:

  • 26 synchronous hours
  • 84 asynchronous hours
  • 2 contact hours (minimum)

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at facilitators and technicians of entities linked to the Punt TIC Network , in order to satisfy their need for training in digital social innovation and to accompany them in the project design process. The training requires maximum dedication and involvement of the participants, who will be selected according to different criteria. One of the aspects to be valued that will be most taken into account is the commitment of the Punt TIC management entity for innovation as a transversal tool within the organization, as well as the support it offers to its dynamizing staff at the time. to promote initiatives in this area.

The selection of candidates will take place in March, while the training will take place between April and June. Since it is completely free and places are limited, we will make a careful selection of participants. Thus, we demand a maximum involvement in the training and a determined commitment to the digital social innovation of the entity to which they belong. Detailed information on the course (content, calendar, trainers, etc.) can be found in the attached document . Those interested can apply by sending an email to .