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The Coworking Spain Conference comes to Barcelona this week

Posted on 18/05/2016
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Coworking Spain Conference 2016
Coworking Spain Conference 2016, for Coworking Spain. 2016. Source: Coworking Spain Conference 2016. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

CoworkingSpain organizes Coworking Europe, I Betahaus ny and the 5th edition of the Spanish Conference of Coworking , on 20 and 21 May in space CREC Barcelona.

Collaborative environments will be the main theme of this new edition. They have left behind the days of work in a traditional office environment, where everyone works independently without spaces in which to interact and co-create with others. The Coworking was born to break the foregoing, presenting itself as a model of innovation and entrepreneurship work.

Coworking spaces in host major creative communities that maximize synergies, becoming veritable incubator of talent from which not only innovate, but also promotes a culture of collaboration through his philosophy and daily dynamics, something demanded and necessary today. (Source: "La realidad del coworking" Happy Working Lab , 2015)

The application of this new way of working in different working environments, such FabLabs, incubators, universities, public institutions and organizations means a shift to a new economy based on transparency, collaboration, entrepreneurship, co-creation and innovation. This positions the coworking as a driving force of this new economy.

This 5th edition will discuss ideas and experiences working on new models, economic and social, with an audience made up of managers of coworking spaces, startups incubator managers, real estate managers, coworkers, entrepreneurs, journalists and architects , nurseries, associations and hoteliers.

The program of this new edition presents the best experts in the creation and management of collaborative environments nationally and internationally. We highlight some of the presentations:

  • How to live a nomadic digital Christoph Fahle (Betahaus Berlin)
  • Managing a community of accelerators for Meredith Blasco (MStartup)
  • Coworking in large companies, for Malena Calva (Endesa)
  • From private to the public by Ronald Van Den Hoff (Seats2meet)
  • Past Visions of coworking, Manuel Zea (CoworkingSpain, Madrid) and Jaime Aranda (WorkInCompany, Sevilla)
  • Coworking: An industry with a soul, Marc Navarro (I)
  • How to Coworking Collaborative? By Angel Alvarez Taladriz (Space Convento, Badajoz)
  • Pricing and sales strategies advanced by Edu Forte (Betahaus Barcelona)
  • Ways to maximize your business, Sans Vanessa (Coworking Europe)
  • Coworking Fuck Up by Andrea García (Talent Garden Barcelona)
  • Growth strategies past, present and future for Golden Rivela (utopic_US, Madrid)
  • Coliving & Coworkation: Works from a paradise by Sebastian Ruiz (Fuerteventura Coworking Hub)
  • Or are unusual or are cheap to Pedro Rosales (Unusual, Barcelona)
  • How governments can promote collaborative environments in cities, Ricard Faura and Gemma Domenech (Government of Catalonia)

This conference is a unique opportunity to learn about the current reality of Coworking well as the growth of the sector, now more specialized, diverse and mature.
For more information, visit the website CoworkingSpainConference.es or follow the hashtag #CwSC Twitter.

Dates and venue: May 20 and 21 at CREC .
Program: http://coworkingspainconference.es/programa
Tickets: http://coworkingspainconference.es/entradas