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Comes the second edition of Catalonia Coworking Day!

Posted on 26/09/2016
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Catalunya Coworking Day
Catalunya Coworking Day. 2016. Source: Web de COWOCAT. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

On 30 September, the association of coworking spaces in Catalonia, COWOCAT , hosts Coworking Day of Catalonia in 2016. It is a meeting to analyze the impact of coworking as a tool of economic promotion and territorial to reflect on the future trends of this new way of working.

The organization believes that "the concept of coworking is becoming more mature and more catalyst for change in the way we do things." It also suggests that mainstreaming the acts to share knowledge between the different communities and promotes leadership that brings innovation to the world of entrepreneurship, forms of work and business, forms of life and the way share space and resources.

In this link you can find the complete program of the day. The election by COWOCAT Mora d'Ebre as a meeting point for the day is not accidental. A few years ago the municipality has made a commitment to the coworking order to respond to economic, social and demographic changes facing Mora de Ebro. For this reason, the conference program provides a journey through different areas of the Ribera d'Ebre.

Attendance at the conference is free but it is necessary to register beforehand.