{Code} YourFuture European campaign is organized to promote the experiences of educational programming (coding) among children and youth, especially those from disadvantaged communities. The Foundation Recreation and the Teb , both Catalan organizations, actively participate.


The overall objective is to encourage the acquisition of digital skills and to sensitize young people about the relationship between programming skills and opportunities offered by the labor market.

Ten partners from 9 EU countries participate in this initiative, promoted by Telecentre-Europe and supported by Microsoft. In the first phase, 30 promoters throughout Europe will receive teacher training through webinars. Thanks to this learning methodologies and procedures will learn to form their time- -a participants of its points. In a second phase, it is expected that at least 300 young Europeans, most of them from disadvantaged groups the opportunity to attend classes organized in telecentres.

The programming (coding) helps young people develop transferable skills such as analytical thinking, problem solving skills, teamwork and creativity. In this line, and as a measure to alleviate youth unemployment, has designed the Code-Week (10 to 18 October).

Participating in this campaign, in addition Telecentre-Europe:

More information on the Telecentre-Europe website .