Canòdrom de la Meridiana
Canòdrom de la Meridiana. Author: Wikimedia Commons. 2015. License: BY-SA.

This new facility is proposed as a space rooted in the neighborhood of Congress and the Indians of the city of Barcelona, so a fundamental part to value of the proposals presented is the return they make in the neighborhood of Congrés-Indians and the district of Saint Andreu. Interested individuals or groups may submit their proposal from February 4 to 24, through their participatory platform.

The facility wants to be a space for freedom, creation and free circulation of ideas in terms of democratic innovation and critical technology, based on a program of training, open activities and residencies that contribute to reflecting on the great challenges of the networked society.

Three modalities and themes of projects

The call includes three types of residency projects: research projects developed from universities or research groups; technology and democracy projects; and unique projects on two levels: feminisms and digital and democratic technologies or video games with a critical perspective.

  • Democratic innovation. Transformation of the dynamics of interrelation between open public administration spaces and citizen wills to live and appropriate their environment.
  • Free and democratic technologies (hardware and software). Open source, public management and/or common technologies. > Feminisms and digital and democratic technologies. An intersectional gender perspective on digital technologies.
  • Citizen and participatory science. Research processes and scientific objectification participated and articulated from civil society.
  • Digital and democratic culture. Mediation of the digital layer in practices, attitudes, values and thoughts, from a democratic perspective.
  • Analysis and visualization of data with critical perspective. Build digital data representation infrastructure that makes the different dimensions of a complex and changing society visible.
  • Critical urbanism and digital technologies. Critical approach to the investigation of the planning of the territory by means of the use of the digital layer in the investigation or in the exhibition of results.
  • Digital Commons. Digital resources belonging to a community.
  • Digital rights and technological sovereignty. Extension of Human Rights in the digital environment: right to privacy, access to information, freedom of expression, among many others. Defense in adjusting to the needs and interests of the infrastructure and ICT community.
  • Innovation for citizen empowerment, self-organization and social transformation. Research and / or application of innovative logic in the processes of social and national emancipation.
  • Social innovation to respond to social, health, climatic and housing emergencies. Set of innovative solutions to existing social and environmental problems, from an origin, class and gender perspective.
  • Videogames with a critical perspective. Promotion of social transformation through video games and / or video game culture.

A jury made up of experts in the fields of knowledge covered by the call will be in charge of selecting the projects. This is formed by Tatiana Guerrero, advisor on public social policies;  Isabella Longo, BIT Habitat project director;Arnau Monterde, director of Democratic Innovation; Antonio Alcàntara, expert in community action and Rosa Borge, expert in participatory platforms and online deliberation.