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The call of the Telecentre Europe Awards 2016

Posted on 05/07/2016
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Telecentre Europe Awards 2016
Telecentre Europe Awards 2016. Source: Telecente Europe. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

Telecentre Europe has opened the call for Telecentre Europe Awards, awards that want to recognize the work of individuals and organizations across Europe working to bring technology to the public. The deadline for nominations is 15 August.

The Telecentre Europe Awards want to value innovation and dedication to thousands of people and hundreds of organizations from across Europe develop daily with communities to empower citizens through the Internet and technology, from digital literacy and safety to conduct online transactions with the government to promote entrepreneurship and to support the employability of young people.
The awards are divided into four different categories:
Links for each category you will see the full description, evaluation criteria and the application form. Nominations must be submitted in English. The two winners of the individual categories will be selected by popular vote online. For both categories of organization, a jury will evaluate nominations based on a set of five criteria and choose best. These five selected will be included in the online voting.
The three finalists in each category will be invited to the Annual Conference of Telecentre Europe held in Ghent, Belgium, on 6, 7 and 8 October 2016 and all the finalists will be entitled to accommodation (2 for 1 person nights). Award winners (one per category) will also travel expenses covered by Telecentre Europe. In addition, the finalists will receive certificates and prizes and the opportunity to present their initiatives to an audience of 150 participants.
The awards ceremony will be held in Ghent, Belgium on the night of October 7, 2016. For more information please contact Ekaterina Fedotov at the ekaterina.fedotova@telecentre-europe.org .