Montse Sanchez and Sara Solias in their shoe shop
Montse Sanchez and Sara Solias in their shoe shop. Author: Montse Sanchez. 2017.

The CTC Masquefa has different services for citizens, such as the Òmnia Masquef@ula, a business incubator or the local employment office. Many people have been trained and have launched their entrepreneurial project in this centre. Montse Sanchez and Sara Solias are an exemple. They are mother and daughter and in April they opened the shoe shop Cal Joan. In this interview they explain to us how the CTC has helped them in the process of shaping the project and start it.

In April you opened your own business. How have the first few days/weeks been?

The first weeks have been great. We are very happy with the results. People have responded very well.

How has the Òmnia of the CTC Masquefa helped you in the process of shaping the project?

Montse Sanchez and Ester Rubio, the CTC Masquefa In the CTC we have done courses in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access, from beginner to advanced levels. And also a course on administration assistant for SMEs and an English course. All this has helped us to shape our business. We also received personalized advice. They have always trust us and offered their help.

You have established relationships with other entrepreneurs through the CTC?

Yes, we have shared experiences with people who have offices in the CTC. We did not need one since we opened the shop directly. We have known entrepreneurs in the courses and even have used their services, for example, to fix computers and for certificates that were needed to open the business.

Now that you are running the business, will you continue to train and advise in the CTC?

Of course!!! We will go to courses, so that we will not lose the thread. We also intend to attend lectures organized especially aimed at entrepreneurs.

What are your the challenges now?

Our challenges are ahead the store to learn how to run the business, because we are "rookie" but we are keen to work. Offer deals and promotions, trying to provide good prices and that people are happy and get a regular clientele.