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Barcelona, blockchain world capital

Posted on 16/10/2019
icona de so
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Fotografia de la ciutat de Barcelona, on es celebrarà la "Barcelona Blockchain week" del 25 al 31 d'octubre
Fotografia de la ciutat de Barcelona, on es celebrarà la "Barcelona Blockchain week" del 25 al 31 d'octubre, for Pexels. 2018. Licence: BY-SA

This October, Barcelona addresses blockchain technologies and becomes the world epicenter with the " Barcelona Blockchain Week " from October 25 to 31 at the Casa Llotja de Mar.

The blockchain technology is a data structure in which the information contained is grouped together (blocks) to which meta information is added to another block of the previous chain in a temporary line, so that thanks to techniques Cryptographic, the information contained in a blog can only be modified by modifying all subsequent blocks.

To deepen in every aspect of this technology, from the 25th to the 31st of October , the key elements of the ecosystem will be held at the Casa Llotja de Mar in Barcelona : corporations, investors, startups, governments and developers that is will be held at the Llotja de Mar for the purpose of conducting activities , talks and conferences related to this disruptive technology.

Among the highlighted events of the program , we find the Democracy4all day, a two-day conference to learn and live Blockchain or the presentation of Eos.io , an open source project that allows you to create public and private blockchains capable of processing more than 200,000 operations per second.

Additionally, this second edition will celebrate the Global Blockchain Awards , which will award outstanding ecosystem and industry initiatives in 2019. A qualified jury of professionals and experts from the crypt and Blockchain sector will choose among the nominated projects and will reward Those who most contributed to the development and adoption of technology this year. The awards gala will be held during the closing of the festival, on October 31.

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