International Girls' Day in ICT is celebrated this year on April 28 and from the Punt TIC Network we are promoting a campaign on Twitter and Instagram to motivate young women to choose technology careers.

#NoiesTIC April 28
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What do we celebrate International ICT Day for Girls?

International ICT Girls ' Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in April. It was in 2010 when the member countries of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) , a body affiliated to the UN, decided to create this ephemeris, a product of the huge digital gender gap that has become evident throughout the years.

In recent years, the number of girls and women who decide to study and pursue computer science and technology has decreased. And this, in a world as digitalized as the one we live in, is not uncommon.

What will we do on Thursday, April 28?

We propose three actions aimed at both professionals working in the ICT sector and girls who want to work in this field, through our Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #NoiesTIC and #GirlsinICT .

1. Virtual meeting at 10 am. consisting of two parts. One where Sandra Pérez , facilitator of the Punt TIC Òmnia Sant Llorenç will tell us about her DonesTIC experience at her point   which consists of interviews with leading women in the territory to empower girls in new technologies. The second part consists of a digital self-defense workshop with a feminist perspective taught by Donna de Ona . It will be done through our Big Blue Button video conferencing tool. We encourage you to sign up here .

In this workshop, we will work to detect risks and digital violence in online and social media environments as well as to develop individual and collective digital self-defense and care strategies. We will also learn digital self-defense tools for users focused on point facilitators to accompany users.

2. Throughout the day, we encourage you to send encouraging messages to girls with the hashtag #NoiesTIC on Twitter and Instagram .

3. Stay tuned to our Instagram stories and our Twitter channel ! We will do a quiz to delve into technologies with a gender perspective . We invite you to participate!