Alumnes de l'institut del Pont de Suert a l'Alta Ribagorça han posat en pràctica els seus projectes makers a través de la fabricació digital amb l'ajuda del punt TIC.

Carles Roca, facilitator of the ICT point Alta Ribagorça, interviewed by Lleida Pirineus TV
Carles Roca, facilitator of the ICT point Alta Ribagorça, interviewed by Lleida Pirineus TV.

This initiative has been echoed in Lleida Pirineus TV where some students have explained their projects. Anna Pinassa , a 2nd year high school student, explains that her research project consisted of designing and printing a simulated one-handed prosthesis . He has done several interviews with the collaboration of the entity 'Ayúdame 3D' to address the reality of people who have amputations. "I had some difficulties in finding the pieces to build the design but I solved it with the help of the internet and Carles, the dynamizer of the ICT point," says Pinassa. In the future, he wants to study biomedical engineering.

Carles Roca , a technician from the Alta Ribagorça County Council, adds that the machines work on their own, but you need to have a design or know how to design the parts. This machine uses the free software Blender to design the parts and then transfer them to a 3D printing program so that the printer can interpret and print it. After this experience with the students, the idea is to enable a service so that anyone in the region wants to use it and do outreach.

Another project that has enjoyed the hardware of the ICT point, explain Aleix Trogal, Luis Mihai and Maksym Stanislavskyy , students of 1st of Baccalaureate. It is an idea of a mini satellite the size of a can with different modules such as temperature, pressure or height that will be launched from Igualada and reach up to 1,000 meters. The project is part of a competition of the European Aerospace Agency to which some young people from the territory have submitted. If selected, it will be released on March 26th.