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Almost 4,000 sites already use the domain .barcelona

Posted on 12/04/2016
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Domini .barcelona
Domini .barcelona. Source: Fundació puntCAT. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

The domain .barcelona came into operation with great success. To date, more than 4,000 companies, organizations and individuals in the city have registered on its website under the new domain. Only during the first day of open registration, which took place on 21 March, almost 1800 domains were asked.

The domain .barcelona is owned by the City Council and is managed through the Foundation puntCAT , nonprofit organization that also manages the .cat domain since 2006 and works to promote the language and culture the scope of the internet and ICT. The aim of the initiative is to take advantage of the "Barcelona brand" and help businesses and organizations that want to use of all the positive values ​​that represent the city and help them in their projection.

By sectors and so far, and 42.4% of the domains that have been registered with the .barcelona correspond to companies, while 17.88% are public authorities. In the latter case the City Council represents over 70% of entries made so far. 13.86% of the domains correspond to generic concepts such as "architect", "artist" or "lawyer" and organizations and associations are representing 5.90%, the same proportion as the technology portals. Only 0.66% of the registrations corresponding to the names of individuals.

The domain .barcelona is the first and only domain that exists in the state refers to a city. Also shortly launch .madrid, although in this case the domain represent the Comunidad de Madrid.

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