On March 10 ALL DIGITA L presents the 'Get Your Facts Straight!' Campaign in Brussels to deal with the misinformation , hatred and abuse that occur on the media and social channels .

Imatge per il·lustrar la notícia sobre la presentació de la campanya 'Get Your Facts Straight!' el 10 de març a Bruseles
Imatge per il·lustrar la notícia sobre la presentació de la campanya 'Get Your Facts Straight!' el 10 de març a Bruseles. Author: Pexels. 2019. License: BY-SA.

97% of Europeans have been exposed online to misinformation and fake news, 37% of them daily . Misinformation has a negative impact on society, and in particular issues related to politics, immigration, social minorities and security.

11 years ago, ALL DIGITAL launched a European campaign on digital and online literacy to teach the benefits and opportunities of the digital world.

The 'Get Your Facts Straight' campaign aims to continue this work due to the increasing digitalization of society, where media and digital literacy have become an integral part of it. The aim is to fight this phenomenon to provide tools to citizens and families.

The meeting will be held in Brussels on March 10 where different entities will meet with the following program :

2:30 p.m. Registration and Coffee

3:00 p.m. Welcome

By Renato Sabbadini , Chief Executive Officer of ALL DIGITAL

3:30 p.m. Debate: 'Fighting misinformation and misinformation through media literacy'

How can we empower citizens to become critical thinkers, to recognize misinformation, and to respond in response. What is the best formula for successful media literacy programs? Who should be involved: educators, young people, parents, journalists, platforms ?.

By Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck , CEO and Founder of Lie Detectors , Ruurd Oosterwoud , Founder of @ DROG , Paolo Cesarini , Head of Social Media and Social Media Convergence Unit at European Citizens Action Service , Mozilla and Clara Hanot , head of advocacy and fundraising for EU Disinfolab.

4.30pm Official launch of the 'Get Your Facts Straight!'

17:00 h. Conclusions, closing remarks and general photo

17:30 Networking

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