Today, having certain applications on our smartphone when we go on a trip can be of great help or get us out of trouble. If you're going on vacation or a weekend getaway, we recommend that you take a look at these seven travel apps that you should have on your phone.

Essential apps for travel
Essential apps for travel. 2019. Font: Pexels. License: BY-SA. an offline map

What mainly characterizes are its offline possibilities or without an Internet connection. Thus, it is able to function fully even when there is no connection. For this, it is first necessary to download the map in the terminal. In this way, and unlike what happens with Google Maps, which only allows you to download parts of a map and search in a limited way on it, with it is possible to do the same tasks as if you were connected to the Internet. In addition, the app works on maps created in the OpenStreetMap project, a community of volunteer editors who create and update maps with all the luxury of details.

iPlaya: all the details of the beaches

iPlaya is a perfect application to know all the important factors when spending the day at the beach, such as the weather, the thermal sensation, the waves, the tides or the hours of sunshine. All with a very interesting interface and completely free. We can search for our beach by province, or select the location, something that is usually more convenient and faster. Also, check the water temperature, the solar radiation index, the wind, or the hours of sunshine we will have on the sand.

Journo: audiovisual travel diary

Travel diaries are a tool that has existed for a lifetime, but thanks to the digital world, you can enrich them with audiovisual content generated by yourself while you travel. With Journo , you can build an audiovisual diary of your trip with explanatory texts, photos, videos and even drawings and share them on social networks. In addition, if you travel in a group, one of its features is the possibility of doing it collaboratively.

Wifi Map: Connect without a key to a private network

The Wifi Map app allows users to connect to the internet for free from anywhere in the world. Currently, the app has more than 120 million connection points available for you to connect from your mobile device. Its use should not be confused that you are stealing wifi, on the contrary, all the networks that appear have the permission of their owners.

Flush Toilet Finder: Locate public services

The Flush Toilet Finder app is the fastest and easiest way to find a public toilet. It's free and has a database of more than 200,000 public bathrooms around the world.

Google Arts & Culture

If you don't leave your house this summer, the Google Arts & Culture app puts at your disposal a database of more than 2000 museums around the world to enjoy them virtually. You can distinguish the type of search you want to perform between: artist, genre, movement, type of work, era, country, museum, collection, technique, historical moment, among others.


AroundMe is an app that uses your location to explore what's around you and provide you with detailed information about all the places available to you based on your location. Hotels, restaurants, tourist spots, gas stations, pharmacies, museums, banks, taxi points or public transport, among many other elements that will help you get to know the local atmosphere of your destination.