May 17 is World Internet Day (#diadinternet) in much of the world, promoted by the Association of Internet Users and the Internet Society. This year it focuses on digital literacy for the elderly. We inform you about four activities. Do you want to suggest some more?

World Internet Day
World Internet Day. License: All rights reserved.

Under the motto "Internet for the Elderly and Healthy Aging" , the theme of World Internet Day 2022 is to ensure the full inclusion of older people in this new digital society and to facilitate access and use of digital technologies that contribute to their empowerment. This year they have prepared the #ManifestMayoresDigitales .

There is currently an increase in network connectivity and the consolidation of the digital economy, among other things. However, significant gaps or differences in network access and speed are highlighted, creating conditions of disadvantage and inequality in several countries around the world. Population aging is the demographic trend that will define the 21st century. In Spain alone, 20% of the current population are elderly.

This situation, accompanied by the accelerated digital transformation in which we find ourselves, has meant that devices, services and technologies are not always adapted to the elderly, preventing them from being able to use services, seeing their rights and equality with others diminished. of the population.

What is the origin of World Internet Day?

World Internet Day was first celebrated on October 25, 2005, but shortly thereafter, the Information Society Summit in Tunisia in November 2005 decided to propose to the World Health Organization The United Nations (UN) has designated May 17 as World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, moving World Internet Day to that date. Both dates are currently being held on May 17th.

Four activities to celebrate this day

1. Do a knitting activity with the materials from the Punt TIC blog "Digital divide and big gene"

The last FiraGran, to break the digital divide between the elderly. From the Punt TIC Network we developed a series of digital training workshops for the elderly. Here you can find the contents of the workshops: App La Meva Salut - CatSalut, Instagram, idCAT Mobile, e-mail.

2. Photography Contest "Technology and the elderly" organized by the Internet Users Association

Until May 21, from your ICT point, you can participate by uploading a photo to twitter, instagram or facebook with the tags # fotoddi2022, #diadeinternet and # ddi2022 You must follow @diadeinternet from the network to upload the photo. You will find more information here.

3. Visit the exhibition "The Internet Country" at the Dog Track. Barcelona Digital and Democratic Innovation Athenaeum

"The country of the Internet" is the largest country in the world with a population of 4.66 trillion. This Canodrome and Domestic Data Streamer exhibition can be visited from April 1 to July 29, Monday through Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. In addition, during the week of World Internet Day, the Dog Track offers guided tours of the exhibition from 16 to 20 May. Check available times here .

4. Attend the "DAR Conference: Democracy, Algorithms and Resistance". Online / face-to-face., together with Algorace, Algorights and the Espai Societat Oberta, is co-organizing the third conference on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights on 26, 27 and 28 May . This year's edition is called DAR: Democracy, Algorithms and Resistance Conference and will consist of a series of meetings, face-to-face and online, to work for a more democratic, decolonial and human rights-friendly artificial intelligence. The conference will be held on 26, 27 and 28 May in three different locations: Virtual format (26 May), at the Canòdrom in Barcelona (27 May) and at the Espacio Afro in Madrid (28 May). For more information and registration, see the website .