Curs intensiu de programació i robòtica a l'Òmnia CPS Francesc Palau
Post to 08/07/2019
The Òmnia CPS Francesc Palau has begun an intensive programming and robotics course where participants are learning the operation of the Arduino , mBlock and...
Imatge infants jugant amb un ordinador
Post to 31/05/2019
El Punt Òmnia CPS Francesc Palau organizes this summer an intensive computer course for children to learn design and programming tools, robotics and 3D.
Imagte robot Mbot
Post to 16/05/2019
On Wednesday , May 15th, the children of the Alta Ribagorça Socio-Educational Intervention Service held the last session of the initiation workshop on robotics, programming and maker culture , included...
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