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Robotics and maker culture in Alta Ribagorça

Posted on 16/05/2019
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On Wednesday , May 15th, the children of the Alta Ribagorça Socio-Educational Intervention Service held the last session of the initiation workshop on robotics, programming and maker culture , included in a series of focused activities in the framework of digital social innovation projects .

Robotics is a discipline with an increasing presence due to its important benefits: it fosters teamwork and creativity, helps critical thinking, etc.

With the aim of acquiring new knowledge while having fun, children from the Alta-Ribagorça Socio-Educational Intervention Service participated in a workshop on the mBot robot assembly, a robotic STEAM kit offered by MakeBlock appropriate for the children Children can start in robotic, programming and electronics bundled in Arduino and Scratch.

This is part of a series of activities to bring techniques to the citizens of the municipality, both children and adults, in which the participants have deepened in concepts related to maker culture and creative and computational thinking.

Different creative challenges have been addressed that you can see through this video how to learn how to program mBot to do maneuvers to avoid collision with different objects, stop and emit sound and / or light signals before Collision risk, or even the simulation of behaviors, based on the programming of robots such as iRobot Roomba, avoiding a possible fall to a step, the edge of the table, etc.