EDITADONA 2019 . 2 019.

The UPF Wikiquote Space is a collaborative workspace for editing Wikipedia with a gender perspective.

It aims to teach you how to edit Wikipedia and promote the creation of articles on women's topics in order to reduce the gender gap in terms of both the number of publishers and the content related to women.

Who can participate?

Anyone who wants to learn how to edit on Wikipedia in any language can participate, and anyone who already knows how to edit, wants to share their knowledge.

Since one of the main goals is to break away from the fears that many people feel when approaching a wiki environment , they do not need to be proficient in text editing. It's a free activity.

How can I participate?

The Space is open every Tuesday from 5pm to 8pm , on the Pompeu Fabra University Campus, and you can go the day and hours that are best for you, as it is an accompaniment to individual learning and is advanced based on the availability and interests of each participant.

To organize a session in your locality, institution, association, etc. contact Tiputini

Working languages

Will promote the publication in both Spanish and Catalan, but is also open to any other language edition.


You can sign up for: wikidones﹫wikimujeres.wiki , or go directly to the corresponding classroom according to the calendar. You can go the day and the hours that suit you most.



Ciutadella Campus Pompeu Fabra University
Calle de Ramon Trias Fargas, 25, 27