EntreComp for Digital Hackathon

If you are interested in exploring digital skills and working with others across Europe to develop entrepreneurial skills, sign up for the 'EntreComp for Digital Hackathon' event on Wednesday 15 June from 1pm to 5pm h CET) and Thursday 16 June at 10:00 CET , an opportunity to talk about the synergies that the European community EntreComp offers for digital development. Access the program here .

This online event is part of a project by the European Commission and the European Executive Agency for Innovation and SMEs (EISMEA) to achieve synergies in the implementation of EntreComp, in particular linking entrepreneurial learning with the green transition and digital. The hackathon is organized by All Digital and has the support of Bantani Education , EIT Raw Materials , EIT Food and PEEP .

What will be the methodology?

Working in collaborative groups, we will work together to build ideas and solutions to the challenges presented. Each group will have the support of an expert facilitator, but it is up to the participants to work together to find answers and share ideas. Finally, each workshop will present its conclusions to the group.

Due to the interactive nature of this event, participation is limited and the organizers reserve the right to select participants if the maximum number of seats is filled. Registration is done from this link .

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