Festival Mapping de Girona
Festival Mapping de Girona.

During these days the city is filled with light to become the international benchmark projection mapping. Artists and professionals will value the high level of artistic discipline through large-format projections in some of the most emblematic buildings of the city and small under the category of micro-mapping.

The FIMG 2016 includes the III International Competition Mapping with the projections of the finalists for the open call for mapping on the walls and buildings of Girona, and the II International Congress on Mapping of Girona , a space for discussion and reflection for professionals sector.

In addition, the 2016 FIMG hosts other activities related to the world of mapping, such as the artist in residence grant awarded by the city of Girona and Bòlit. Contemporary Art Centre. Girona, courses and workshops mapping or curated works, such as the opening night of the festival. The aim is to make the festival a FIMG free, accessible and open to everyone. A participatory festival where the audience appreciates the proposals which he loved and where everyone who wants to can learn the art of video projection.

Girona Mapping Festival is an initiative of the City of Girona with the collaboration of BLOOM .