Do you know how social networks can help you in your job search?


• Understand how job hunting works today.
• Give tips for using the new job search tools.
• Knowing how Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok can help you in this process.
• Investigate the selection process in each network.
• Create a PRO profile on LinkedIn.


• What is the hidden job market and why is it vital today?
• Do you know how recruiters search for candidates?
• We investigate the selection process on Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok.
• How to make an Instagram story, an Instagram video and/or a TikTok video, and a LinkedIn PRO profile.
• Keyword list and simple digital tools to support.
• Tricks to improve your visibility on the networks.
• And what will you do from here? Individualized action plan.

Session aimed at people looking for work, with basic digital skills.

Workshop by Laura Cespedosa, consultant in digital transformation and culture, work coach and trainer.