The new visual tool to introduce yourself to companies!

The video resume is a short video presentation of your professional profile and your attitudes, skills and competencies. It is an innovative tool that will allow you to complement your CV and differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates. In this practical workshop, lasting 9 hours, you will learn to draw up a script, record your video resume and design a strategy for disseminating your professional profile.


1. Introduction session to the video curriculum and first practice in front of the camera.
2. Communication and audiovisual language. We prepare the script and shoot tests with the camera.
3. We record the video curriculum and upload it to the digital platforms.

To be able to participate in the session, you must:

• Have an up-to-date paper resume.
• Have a defined work objective.

To record the resume, the participant must bring their mobile phone.

The rest of the material will be provided by the Municipal Employment Service.

Workshop by Verónica Soto Villa, teacher, journalist and coach.