From June 6 to 10, sound art, visual art, live shows, experimentation, electronics, interactive installations and many other proposals will fill the Convent of Sant Agustí. Essential!

Image of the Sound and Visual Show
Image of the Sound and Visual Show. 2021. Font: Sound and Visual Show. License: All rights reserved.

The Sant Agustí Convent Civic Center has presented the thirteenth edition of the Sound and Visual Exhibition . The successful event, which will begin next Tuesday, June 6 and will last until Saturday, June 10, will become a key event for experimental creation in Catalonia. In this sense, the XIII Sound and Visual Exhibition will be a reflection of contemporary creation in the experimental and audiovisual fields.

As for the programming, it will be open and free and will have the theme of 'community' as its backbone. So, it will be an opportunity to explore and reflect on the concepts of community, collaboration, diversity, identity and belonging, among many others. The intention of the XIII Mostra Sonora y Visual will be to contribute to creating a space for meeting and exchange between people. The program is the result of an open call for two areas: live music or musical actions and audiovisual or interactive installations. In the latter case, with the support of MakerConvent, support is given to projects of a more expository nature through a space to accompany the process through training and collaboration.

In 2000, the Sonora and Visual Show emerged for the first time, a biennial cycle with the intention of opening spaces for the dissemination of new audiovisual languages, and since then, it has been possible to enjoy interesting and diverse projects the hand of local and international artists and collectives. Some of the artists have been Victor Nubla and Antón Ignorant, Gat, Tres, Fibla, Pulshar, An der Beat or Jorge Haro. Likewise, works by labels or collectives such as G3G, Gracia Territori Sonor or Spa rk releases have been presented. Also, the Sound and Visual Exhibition has created synergies with other festivals such as the MEG, Tsonami Arte Sonoro, BAM or Auditori Sant Martí .