The new edition of the ICT and Prison Cycle dedicates the session to the presentation of the new playful experience of the ICT and Prison CoP: the Change of course project. This session will take place on the morning of June 14 at the CEJFE.

XII ICT and Prison Cycle
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The conference will take place on Tuesday 14 June 2022 , from 9.30 am to 2 pm at the CEJFE (will be used to present the new project Change of Direction, a fun experience based on the Cross in Change Program, one of the psychoeducational programs In addition, some of the sessions that are part of this fun experience will be able to experience and get to know first hand, in particular, during the day the people attending will be able to take part in four workshops.

The session is aimed at prison rehabilitation professionals, law enforcement in general including Juvenile Justice, other professionals and interested post-secondary students. Registrations are requested at CEJFE registrations until June 10, 2022 inclusive. Places are limited and the authorization to attend the activity by the work center is subject to service needs


9.15-9.30 h Accreditation

9.30-9.45 h Opening To be determined

9.45am-10.45am Presentation Evolution of a CoP: from LEUD to Change of course
- Ignasi Barril Godàs Psychologist at CP Puig de les Basses
- Elisabeth Boó Martín Social Educator at CP Puig de les Basses
- Osama Boumehdi Azibou-Mokrat E-moderator of the CoP TIC and Prison and Social Educator at CP Puig de les Basses
- Joan Pujol Icart Pedagogue at CP Puig de les Basses

10.45-11.30 h Break and distribution of class assistants Distribution of the participants in four different spaces and through which the speakers will travel showing one of the four proposed workshops.
11.30am - 2pm Let's play! Rotating presentations of the workshops with games sessions

· Workshop 1: The adventure begins (Content assessment, knowledge and introduction to the module) Oriol Ripoll González Expert in games and games.

· Workshop 2: Choosing or not choosing (Motivation for change -Change or not change-) Ignasi Barril Godàs Elisabeth Boó Martín.

· Workshop 3: On the road (What helps me change -Self-esteem 1-) Osama Boumehdi Azibou-Mokrat.

· Workshop 4: The road to success (The path to do -Know where I am and where I want to go-) Joan Pujol Icart