Imatge per difondre la tercera edició dels Premios WONNOW
Imatge per difondre la tercera edició dels Premios WONNOW. Author: Pikrepo. License: BY-SA.

To help improve this situation, CaixaBank and Microsoft Ibérica are promoting the WONNOW Awards to advance gender equality in Spain.

WONNOW is a nationwide award for undergraduate college students with less female presence in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math .

The awards aim to promote , value and stimulate the excellence , both academic and personal, of female university students in the aforementioned areas, giving social visibility to the effort, tenacity and feminine capacity in these fields.

Another purpose is to contribute to the promotion of scientific and technological vocations in girls and adolescents , which contributes not only to gender equality, but also to the general shortage of scientific and technological vocations.

You can learn the basics here .