There are many possibilities such as higher degree Vocational Training courses, FP3 vocational training specialization courses and university degrees. Discover them!

Currently, there are many possibilities available to citizens to learn more about cyber security or cyber security. First of all, there are, for example, higher-level Vocational Training courses , which provide specific training itineraries, job placement programs and specialization courses. There are also FP3 professional training specialization courses , which allow you to expand your skills on the protection of systems connected to the Internet such as hardware, software and stored data. Likewise, the university has scientific and technological studies and degrees in the field of social sciences and legal sciences to act on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Today, people interested in studying cyber security will find many options in Catalonia. On the Internet Segura website, you can consult in detail the list of studies related to cyber security, the centers that teach them and the particularities of the training proposals.