Punt TIC Vall del Tenes
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The point TIC Tenes Valley was born as an initiative of Service Business and Employment Tenes Valley with the aim of offering users of the territory a open service point of access to ICTs, where can make use of technologies specifically targeted job search and entrepreneurship.

In the words of its manager, Alex Pardo, from the Association of the Valley of the Tenes is "very important to give access to ICT and promote initiatives that encourage their use, they can bring certainly added value to users in his job search or develop their business plan". In fact, the profile of Alex is technical consultant and entrepreneurial company needs to dispose of these users.

The activities of the ICT point Tenes Valley will be particularly aimed at people unemployed and entrepreneurs in the area. In this sense we develop a service and user orientation club job, job search workshops through ICT and management of their own web presence, with different business groups themes: creation of the communication systems of the company (web, e-mail marketing, social networking, content generation, etc.), search for sources of information on internationalization, m-commerce, etc.

From the Technical Office of the ICT Network Point we welcome the new item and wish him huge success! We will inform you of his career through our website and social networks.