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We share the material of the course 'Nous artesans digitals'

Posted on 20/12/2017
icona de so
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Cover of the publication 'Nous artesans digitals'
Cover of the publication 'Nous artesans digitals', for Oficina Tècnica de la Xarxa PuntTIC. 2017. Licence: BY

10 e-facilitators participated between the months of November and December in the course 'Nous artesans digitals' (New digital craftsmen). We share a compilation with the material of the course on programming, robotics, printing and 3D design, virtual and augmented reality, and the Internet of Things.

In the Punt TIC Network, we want to make available to all our community the material that we have developed for the course of 'New digital craftsmen'. It is our vocation to create living and collaborative documents, which we can expand and improve among all.

If you find it interesting, do not hesitate to participate in the next training and, even, you can share your contributions if you are working on one of these topics.