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Imatge per il·lustrar la notícia. Author: Pixabay. 2014. License: BY.

On Friday 31st of May and on Saturday, 1st of June, the event will feature a round table on Humanities Technologies with Montxo Algora, ArtFutura's director, Luis Nacenta, director of Hangar Visual Production and Production Center , and Roberta Bosco, journalist from El País.

Next, projections will be presented that explore different methodologies to put in value and understand this relationship between humanity and the technological world through different artistic and technological practices with the aim of creating new visions and norms to understand the present and the future digital

The day will feature works by renowned artists such as Alex Popescu, Lubomir Arsov, Nexus Studios, WOW Inc., Substance, Klub Simon, Michael Enzbrunner, Serjan Burlak and Mike Mort.



7pm. Roundtable: Humanities Technologies
What does human being mean in the era of technology? Can technology adapt to our real aspirations and needs? or is it the other way round? A discussion about the technological revolution and the possibilities that have been developed through art to understand this new symbiosis between people and technology.

Speakers: Montxo Algora, director of ArtFutura, Luis Nacenta, director of Hangar Production and Research Center of Visual Arts and Roberta Bosco, journalist of El País. Moderen Oriol Pastor, director of the Mira festival, and Santi Fort, curator of the ArtFutura festival.

20h. ArtFutura Premiere projection
The projection includes a selection of the best works that have gone through the last edition of the festival.


10.30h / 16h - Screening 3D Futura Show 2018/2019

Goodbye Kansas, Julius Horsthuis, Maxim Zhestkov, Hans-Christoph Schultheiss, Mads Broni, Simon Christoph Krenn. Nicolas Deveaux, Besjan Sertolli, Peter Tomaszewicz, Laurent Witz and Dusan Kastelic.

11:30 p.m. / 17h. Screening Futura Graphics 2018/2019
A series of mini documentaries that expose the secrets behind the magic of special effects and 3D animation.

Alex Popescu, Lubomir Arsov, Nexus Studios, WOW Inc., Substance, Klub Simon, Michael Enzbrunner, Serjan Burlak and Mike Mort. 12.30 pm / 6 pm - Screening Behind the Scenes 2018/2019 Session devoted to "Making off's".

1:00 p.m. / 6:30 p.m. Screening ArtWorks 2018/2019
Session devoted to the best works of the most recognized schools of digital graphics and special effects at an international level.

15.45h / 19.10h. Screening Future Schools 2018/2019
Session dedicated to the best animation works from around the world, from 3D, through special effects and motion graphics.

3:00 p.m. Screening Art Futura Premiere (2nd pass)