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Training on smartphones for seniors, at the Punt TIC of Tremp

Posted on 09/11/2016
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Fotograma d'un vídeo sobre ús de telèfons intel·ligents per a gent gran
Fotograma d'un vídeo sobre ús de telèfons intel·ligents per a gent gran. Source: Fundació Vodafone Espanya

Cellphones will have no secrets for students over 55 years of the Punt TIC of Tremp. In late November, it will held two workshops: "How does your smartphone work" and "Communication via mobile: APPs and WhatsApp".

The Pere Tarrés Foundation and Vodafone Foundation Spain have launched a project to train more than 4,300 seniors over 55 years in the use of tablets and smartphones. The initiative includes conducting 275 workshops during the months of September 2016 and February 2017 in various spaces such as libraries, civic centers, elderly centers and universities in Catalonia.

Punt TIC e-centre Tremp will held two workshops of four hours spread over two days:

  • How does your smartphone work: 22 and 24 November
  • Communication via mobile phone: APPs and WhatsApp: November 29 and December 1

In early 2017, these workshops will be repeated in order to accommodate all requests received.

The aim of this project is that older people learn to use new mobile devices and can be up to date on new technologies, taking into account the importance in modern society. They learn, for example, to connect to a WiFi network, navigate through their tablet and use the functionality of their mobile phone to take pictures with the camera, use apps like WhatsApp and Skype to communicate...

Thus, these workshops also have a role in working for the social inclusion of people. In a complementary manner, they will offer information sessions on mobile devices and concepts related to security, which will be held at different Catalan universities and discussed various topics such as WiFi or browsing online through smartphones.