Portada de la primera edició d'Apuntes Tecpol
Portada de la primera edició d'Apuntes Tecpol. Author: Tecnopolítica. 2019. License: BY-SA.

In the new digital society , technological and scientific changes transform our society economically, socially, politically and culturally. We live in an accelerated, hyper-connected and digital world in which, virtually, there is no facet of our lives that has not been affected by technological disruption .

Tecpol works by creating a space for reflection and analysis of all aspects related to technopolitics, and especially its impact on society to analyze, research and create tools for the digital society .

To this end, they presented the first edition of #ApuntesTecpol , a new collection of reflections on how cities today are still the best innovation laboratory to respond to the challenges of the digital society.

With the participation of experts, this issue explores issues as relevant as digital rights , collective intelligence , mobility or digital platforms as well as the new challenges that we must respond collectively.

You can download the .pdf of the publication here .