Technovation 2018
Technovation 2018. Author: Technovation (Facebook). 2017. License: All rights reserved.

Technovation offers girls between 10 and 18 years of age worldwide the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and technology leaders . Participants are encouraged to identify a problem in their community and create a mobile application solution to face them. They also learn to communicate these ideas and translate them into a business plan . They do it in groups of up to 5 girls and with the support of voluntary mentors.

In the 2017 edition, 199 Catalan girls, distributed in 40 teams, will work on their projects for 12 weeks. Throughout the process, they had the support of 47 mentors . At the global level , more than 10,000 girls were attended, accompanied by 4,485 mentors, from 116 countries.

The registration for the 2018 edition of Technovation is now open. Once registered, participants will have access to the Technovatio plan, which will guide them by identifying a problem in their community, developing a mobile application and building a business plan.

Also seek mentors!

In the same way, volunteer people who want to be mentors can register. They need to be women who have knowledge of the business world or in the field of creating mobile applications and who want to share some of their time with the girls.

Punt TIC facilitators can be mentors and involve participants of their centres in this exciting journey of technological entrepreneurship. How do you see it? In the 2017 edition Carme Badia, facilitator of the Punt TIC of Tremp, has been an excellent mentor!